Sharing a passion for great wine and believing that integrity is our best asset, we came together with an unencumbered desire to get the right wines to the right people, and to make sure that our wines over-deliver every single time.  The depth and breadth of Our Portfolio are unmatched and, with a combined 30+ years experience in the industry, there is no other team that tackles the unique San Diego market the way that we do.  Our relationships and professionalism are unparalleled.

Small production, family owned and sustainably managed wineries are how this industry was born many years ago and that's where our focus lies today.  We apply the same philosophy with our business partners in San Diego.  We achieve this by making the small and family-owned restaurants and businesses that make San Diego our home, our top priority.

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."
~ Michael Broadbent

Our vision for J.J.Knox goes beyond sharing our love of great wine made by inspiring people with San Diego.  We want to create something, and have a lasting impact on both the people of the San Diego community and the environment around us.  We want to do more by doing what we can to support local organizations and we look forward to making a difference and having an impact in a city that we believe is truly one of the finest.